Hotel facilities


Hotels are one of the biggest focuses where cases of legionella are recorded. 50% of the cases of legionella detected are associated with hotel facilities.

Current control systems lack a real-time detection system. The Hydro-S3DP allows real-time monitoring, which allows prevention and rapid treatment action if necessary. All this automatically and without the need of a highly qualified person. One of the great advantages of Hydro-S3DP is the reduction in energy, maintenance costs associated with water distribution systems and treatment products that are highly harmful to health.


The growing concern about pollution in cities has an impact on the population’s interest in air quality in open spaces and inside buildings such as hotels. Hotel chains of international prestige, increasingly, integrate improvement systems in their facilities to offer their customers a better service. The Aero-S3DP product line offers an effective monitoring system that shows the air quality of the space where the customer is at all times