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Our diverse workforce is one of our biggest strengths and the rich experience they bring, across varied skill-sets and backgrounds, is invaluable.

We are scientists, engineers and project managers who are passionate about what they do. We have advanced degrees (PhD, MS) in the chemistry and physics as well as professional certifications in quality management microbiology and computer sciences.

We have experience in dangerous pathogens and Select Agents in BSL-2 thru BSL-3 laboratories. We know how to manage research, diagnostic or production laboratories in academic and public institutions as well as in the private sector.

Silvia Gomez - Solving Problems

Silvia Gómez – Solving problems


CTO – Getting connected safely

Ibone Lallana

Ibone Lallana – Spreading the word

Aleix Collado - Opening Minds

Aleix Collado – Opening minds


Raquel Obregón  – Scaling up processes


Connecting the dots


Next generation

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We are always looking for new talents, compromised partners and good fellows willing to join this great venture!

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