About Us

Sens Solutions

At Sensing Solutions, our journey began in 2016 as a simple idea to detect harmful bacterias that harshly impact our environment. Our mission is to create a safer and cleaner world for humankind where we believe everyone has the right to clean water and air. From this idea and mission we have created a service which provides data analyses of water and air qualities. With the use of science technology, we have developed sensors with the ability to detect and monitor bacterias and legionella in the air and water. Our software service is able to continuously monitor quality levels and provide real time results.

We want to prevent the spread of harmful bacterias and save lives with your help and awareness. The health community is important to us because we want to work, invest, live and grow in a shared ecosystem where clean water and air is available to all people, business, facilities, agriculture, etc.

Sens Solutions does not follow the traditional work format that society has become accustomed to. Whenever possible, we like to conduct work remotely unless it is essential to work in the office/factory setting. Every employee is viewed as someone who has something special to contribute to our mission. Therefore, to share ideas and opinions amongst each other is more than encouraged no matter one’s job title and particular skill set. Not only do we encourage sharing ideas and opinions, we also encourage people to continue their education. Master programs may potentially be sponsored by the company. At Sens Solutions you have the opportunity to grow in your studies and your work. We believe this method of work is one of the best ways to increase advancement, partnership and productivity.