Sport facilities


Refrigeration and sanitary water systems are sources of germs that can seriously harm people’s health. The levels of physical requirement or spaces such as water facilities for training or recovery, usually used by athletes make them more vulnerable to certain sources of infection. The fully autonomous Hydro-S3DP prevention system ensures a healthy environment.


Air consumption during sports is 20 times higher than at rest. The control of all external elements that may affect sports performance is one of the great challenges of high performance clubs and centers whose main objective is to obtain sports results.

The monitoring offered by the Aero-S3DP product line allows the athlete and his technical team to obtain real-time data on air quality during the training session.


AMR-S3DP provides real-time monitoring of the presence of microbes and bacteria in the air.

The quality of the training is established by the environment in which it develops. A contaminated space affect sports performance whose reflection is seen in the results.