A smart disinfection system for water, eliminating automatically bacteria and micro-organisms based on a controlled non-aggressive purification.

Hydro-S3DP is a patented system for the detection and prevention of legionella and other bacteria through biofilm growth monitoring in water.
This robust and precise system is incorporated into any water air conditioning and Domestic Hot Water installation. It does NOT require calibration and maintenance tasks are optimazed.
The sensor’s measurements are not affected by any physico-chemical changes in water.
Hydro-S3DP has a low energy consumption and allows, among others, a non-intrusive bypass installation.”
Hydro-S3DP has been designed to offer real-time monitoring allowing immediate alerts on any device.
In order to initiate preventive actions, Hydro-S3DP system may be integrated with any existing treatment system or with Sens Solutions recommended ones.
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