We are a young scientific start-up with a small team of people looking to incorporate a developer. We are looking for proactive people, who know how to develop effective and efficient strategies in the agreed time of the objectives. It is imperative the fluidity of communication (for the digital channel you like best) and a high degree of self-management (structuring and planning the work to be done) and autonomy, due to the flexibility of time offered.
It will be valued above all the orientation to the work, quality of similar previous works and added value that contributes.

Necessary prior knowledge:

  • Extensive experience with Python
  • Extensive experience with Django
  • Extensive experience with Vue.js
  • Knowledge of REST, JWT, basic cryptography

Desired knowledge:

  • Python programming for embedded systems
  • Design and programming of GUIs for embedded devices
  • Docker / Kubernetes
  • AMQP
  • C, C ++

Job Description:

  • Develop the company’s IoT Dashboard integrating tools such as time series databases (Prometheus, InfluxDB) and front-end databases such as Grafana.
  • Develop a device management system embedded in Python and / or C ++
  • Participate in architectural design and deployment of micro-services.

What do we offer?

€ 25,000-30,000 gross / year (according to experience)
Possibility to grow and train in the company (we play ML, programming for embedded systems, etc.)
Work remotely (100% remote. No exceptions. Every day of the week, every week).
Completely flexible hours.

Send the CV and a cover letter (no more than 4 pages or 2,000 words in length) explain a project / challenge in which you have participated and be proud. (If published the link or address is attached).

Send CV: jobs+pypro@sens.solutions

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