(Sabadell, Barcelona) – Sens Solutions accepted a grant offered by the CircInWater Project on December 1st, 2023.

The grant agreement, Project 101074536 – CircInWater, offers financial support to SMEs for innovation, understanding and internalization activities under the following: Innovation lump sum, Knowledge lump sum, and Internalization lump sum.

Participant companies may receive up to 60.000 euros in funding support.

CircInWater is a project funded by the European Innovative Council and SMEs  Executive Agency. Its partners include: ZINNAE, Water Alliance (SWA), France Water Team (FWT), Blue Economy Mikkeli (BEM), WCF which is also an affiliate to BEM, Innovative Centre of the Olomouc Region (ICOK), and CREA Hydro & Energy, z.s.

It is a project which supports SMEs to develop and establish a greener, digitized and effective industry to tackle the challenges of water consumption and pollution.

“The advantages are that we will validate a specific sensor (Hydro-S3DP) for the identification of bacteria at a reduced cost on a continuous basis,” said Silvia Gomez, CEO of Sensing Solutions S.L.

The company presented its proposal Thursday, February 8th, 2024 to inform CircInWater along with 10+ grant receiving companies of what to expect from Sens within the next stages of its service development and project initiation.

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