(Sabadell, Barcelona) — Sens Solutions, provider of innovative sensing solutions, has made significant progress in their AGRI-S3DP project, aimed at real-time bacterial monitoring to battle against water scarcity in agriculture. The project, focuses on reducing water scarcity by monitoring the quality of reused water in agriculture, has recently achieved progressive milestones through its 6-month tenure.

During this period, Sens Solutions reached several key advancements across different stages and work packages. In WP1, the company has been able to improve and modify its software to control the measurement system and synchronize it with its Sens cloud network. A new algorithm has been successfully created and trained over a period of three months to detect the presence of E.Coli and Legionella in water under the lab setting.

The company has also implemented protocols to guarantee enhanced security during this stage of WP1.

Sens use military grade cryptography on sensor communications to ensure robust data protection. A crucial component in order to maintain customer trust and ensure the reliability of sensor based systems. Strong encryption, such as AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography), guarantees data integrity, confidentiality, and authenticity, protecting sensor data from unauthorized access and tampering.

For clients, this ensures the accurate and secure operations of connected devices like smart home systems, or industrial IoT applications. It mitigates risks of cyberattacks, safeguarding the company’s reputation and avoiding disruptions which ensures long term operational reliability and customer satisfaction.

In WP2, the company has set up a lab environment to train its algorithm, a closed system for conducting experiments with E.Coli and Legionella. By monitoring and collecting data for each bacterium separately over a period of three months, the algorithm has been trained to effectively detect and identify them. Multiple experiments were conducted using various devices to obtain sufficient data and enhance sensor training.

At the same time, in WP3, Sens Solutions has written and handed over the agreement for the demo site to their partner. Although a public institution, the partner is expected to review and sign the agreement soon – resulting in a longer timeframe than initially anticipated. However, the location for the demo site has already been chosen and is located in Badalona.

Sen’s key milestones: 

In M1, the launch of machine algorithm training began, resulting in a ready-to-use algorithm that has undergone rigorous testing in laboratory conditions. The team actively awaits data from the demo site to further validate and refine the algorithm’s performance. (Month 3)

M2, marked the selection of the demo site, a pivotal achievement for the project, as the chosen location will be the proving ground for the AGRI-S3DP system. Sens Solutions is currently awaiting its confirmation and signature from their project partner. (Month 5)

M3, Installation of AGRI-S3DP will begin once the completion of M2. (Month 8)

Deviation from the project plan is linked to the agreement, as it remains pending signature. This delay has extended the expected timeline for this process.

Looking ahead, further activities are planned to continue improving the AGRI-S3DP project. Ongoing lab experiments will be conducted to enhance the algorithm’s efficiency and accuracy through to month 8.

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