The City Hall of Los Corrales de Buelna has blocked an outbreak of legionella detected in the pavilion of the municipal sports stadium in a routine control. According to the councilman of the area, Javier Conde, has been detected in time, without affecting any person, and have already taken the necessary sanitary measures to control it.

After warning all the representatives of the teams of different disciplines that normally use the pavilion on the impossibility of showering or using the water to wash their hands, it reassured to the neighbors indicating that the outbreak has been detected in the water and that, avoiding its Use, there is no more risk, so the use of the indoor pavilion for the practice of any sport does not involve any danger, he said.

According to Conde explained, as soon as he was aware of the positive results of the routine analysis, the necessary measures were taken so that nobody could be infected, notifying the representatives of the habitual users and communicating the restrictive measures to all those who use that flag. In parallel, the incidence was reported to take the necessary sanitary measures to stop this outbreak and reactivate as soon as possible the use of showers and toilets.

Count affected the message of tranquility for the people who have used the pavilion in the last hours when explaining that that outbreak has focused on the water that of service to the pavilion.

It is one of the most used sports facilities in a municipal stadium that serves hundreds of people every day. Teams of all categories, from handball to basketball, football or volleyball use a public pavilion that has practically covered every day in which it remains open.

Source: https://www.eldiariomontanes.es/torrelavega-besaya/201701/06/controlado-brote-legionella-pabellon-20170106000042-v.html


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