Barcelona, Spain – Sens Solutions, a developing company in the field of environmental monitoring, has been chosen to participate in the esteemed Jump Startup Women Accelerator program. This initiative, aimed at fostering Spanish biotech and healthtech startups for entry into the US market, offers a comprehensive suite of resources, including webinars, mentorship, networking events, and financial opportunities.

Sens Solutions, known for its innovative sensor technology that enables real-time monitoring of air and water quality, is led by CEO Silvia Gomez. Under her leadership, the company has embarked on an ambitious expansion plan, aiming to travel beyond the borders of Spain. By leveraging partnerships within the European Union and participating in programs like the Jump Startup Women Accelerator, Sens Solutions is poised to make a significant impact in the US market.

The company’s commitment to excellence and its patented technology have positioned it as a leader in environmental monitoring. With plans to establish a presence in a major US city within the next 3 years, Sens Solutions is eager to leverage the resources and opportunities provided by the Jump Startup Women Accelerator program.

This accelerator program is a key component of the Entrepreneurial Futures Network (EFN), an international nonprofit in San Francisco, CA. Since its beginning in 2003, EFN startups have raised over $2 billion. In 2022, EFN partnered with the ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute to launch a mentor-driven accelerator program for 40 women entrepreneurs in Spain, focusing on expandable businesses.

Silvia Gomez and Sens Solutions are thrilled to be among the select few businesses chosen to enter on this journey into the US market. This opportunity not only provides essential networking and development opportunities but also validates the potential of Sens Solutions’ technology on a global scale.

As Sens Solutions prepares to take its innovative solutions to new markets, the company remains dedicated to its mission of improving environmental health and safety through cutting-edge technology. The Jump Startup Women Accelerator program represents a significant milestone in the company’s journey, setting the stage for continued growth and success.

Silvia Gomez (top row in the middle) along with other women entrepreneurs participating in the Jump Startup program.

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