Sens Solutions opens an investment round in order to accelerate development of its arrival to the commercial market.

The company’s goal is to obtain €750.000 necessary to scale, increase service and shipping capabilities, and enable the necessary traction to start commercialization. By 2025 the company anticipates a 200% growth at 4 million euros.

Sens Solutions offers a spectrum of systems which includes precise air and water analyses with real time detection of bacterias. Currently, there are no products in the market that has the precision and immediacy of Sens’ products and it is the only company in its market that creates solutions to adjust to the needs of each individual client.

For seven years, Sens Solutions has remained developing and perfecting its technology, resulting in the air quality system: Aero and AMR (bacterias), as well as its water quality system Hydro, with a real-time monitoring system according to founder and CEO, Silvia Gomez.

Sens Solutions system can be implemented to any existing system while speeding up time and reducing to the thousandths of seconds for obtaining information to be able to act immediately, reducing the impact and costs.

“The analysis precision of our products generates a great savings thanks to anticipation: the ability to foresee and anticipate changes that are possible indicators of the presence of harmful bacterias to the health of living beings,” explains Gomez. “We are ready to go out into the commercial market.”

To go along with such readiness, Sens has acquired the Solar Impulse seal which allows development and validates the company’s products with international parameters. Sens Solutions experience working under the demands of the European Union for six years has prepared the company for its next big step, commercialization.

If you are interested to investing in Sens Solutions, you can contact via email management@sens.solutions or directly to the phone number 655619617.

Ticket minimum investment €250.000

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