Digicirc,accelerator of companies, has considered that the Agro-S3DP passes to the third and last phase of the Digicirc Accelerator projects.

El Agro-S3DP eis an air analysis system (24/7) that foresees possible bacterial outbreaks, being able to identify Listeria, Ecoli and Salmonella in spaces where food is stored. This system is developed by Sens Solutions in collaboration with Análisis-DSC (Dynamic & Segurity computations), a company specializing in air flow simulations that places the device in the installation in order to optimize its performance.

Being one of the 5 projects to pass phase 3 of Digicirc implies that the consortium of the Agro-S3DP will have an economic endowment of €100,000 to incorporate the device in a food installation and thus be able to train the algorithm to get the results immediately remotely.

This innovative system will optimize food production, being able to prevent possible outbreaks which would involve millions of euros in savings since it would allow anticipating a possible infection and subsequent loss of product.

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