Cajamar Innova successfully closes the “Water and Innovation Forum: Water 2.5”. This acceleration and incubation program for business entrepreneurs finalizes with demo day in the experimental station held by Cajamar in El Ejido, Almería, Spain. During this forum, institutions and specialists from all over the world are proposing ways to boost objective accomplishments and goals related to water. Cajamar Innova organizes the Water and Innovation Forum: Water 2.5, introducing the motto “Face the Challenge of Feeding Humanity”.

Scientific director of Sens Solutions, Raquel Gómez, presented to investors, clients and users the AMR-S3DP, Hydro-S3DP, the real-time bacteria detection and analysis system and the water quality analysis system that Sens has to offer.

The AMR-S3DP is designed for high risk spaces and sensitives spaces such as operating rooms and infectious zones. Thanks to Cajamar Innova’s program, the system has been developed to cover the needs of the agricultural sector

The adaptation of the AMR-S3DP in closed spaces destined to cultivation and storage of foods like freezers, warehouses, or cold rooms is the solution in which the agricultural sector demands in order to eliminate huge economic losses.

For its part, the Hydro-S3DP is a patented system created to detect and prevent legionella and other bacterias through water biofilm monitoring. This precise and robust system incorporates into any water climate installation without requiring calibration and very low maintenance.

Physical and chemical water changes do not affect the measurement capacity of this sensor. The Hydro-S3DP is designed to offer real-time monitoring which allows immediate alerts on any device.

European Union – INCYDE Foundation – Alta Technology IAT Incubators

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